Top Scorer Season 2022/23 Voting

Before the start of the season fans can each submit predictions for two Top Scorers – the Top Scorer of the CHL overall, and for their favourite team, in the 2022/23 season. Points for the Top Scorer of fans’ own team will be awarded after the Group Stage has finished. Points for the overall Top Scorer will be awarded after the end of the Group Stage, and again after the CHL Final.

Fans with an Alumni Club as their favourite team can select a player from the winning team of the previous CHL season as the top scorer.

Overall Top Scorer points (after the Group Stage and after the Final): 1000 points each for correct prediction.

Own Team Top Scorer (after the Group Stage): 500 points for correct prediction.

Launch Voting: 31.08.2022

Deadline Voting: 07.09.2022

Top 5 Most voted players

# Team Player Votes
81 Frölunda Gothenburg Ryan Lasch Ryan Lasch 153
42 ZSC Lions Zurich Alexandre Texier Alexandre Texier 42
91 Rögle Ängelholm Adam Tambellini Adam Tambellini 27
34 Fehérvár AV19 Istvan Terbocs Istvan Terbocs 26
91 Straubing Tigers Jason Akeson Jason Akeson 24

Top Scorer 2022/23 - overall

Aalborg Pirates

# Pos. Name
40 DE Anders Koch Anders Koch Vote!
37 CE Andreas Nielsson Andreas Nielsson Vote!
59 DE Ben Carroll Ben Carroll Vote!
48 CE Emil Marcussen Emil Marcussen Vote!
21 LW Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Vote!
61 CE Julian  Jakobsen Julian Jakobsen Vote!
7 FW Kirill Kabanov Kirill Kabanov Vote!
32 RD Lasse Bo Knudsen Lasse Bo Knudsen Vote!
12 DE Mads Frederiksen Mads Frederiksen Vote!
5 RW Magnus Boesen Magnus Boesen Vote!
58 RW Martin  Højbjerg Martin Højbjerg Vote!
45 LW Mikkel Højbjerg Mikkel Højbjerg Vote!
4 DE Nikolai Nielsen Nikolai Nielsen Vote!
24 DE Nikolaj Carstensen Nikolaj Carstensen Vote!
97 LW Oliver Anker Oliver Anker Vote!
42 DE Oskar Drugge Oskar Drugge Vote!
26 CE Patrick Bjorkstrand Patrick Bjorkstrand Vote!
53 FW Thomas Spelling Thomas Spelling Vote!
87 RW Tobias Ladehoff Tobias Ladehoff Vote!
8 RW Tor Ulrik Bolther Rasmussen Tor Ulrik Bolther Rasmussen Vote!
77 CE Trevor Gooch Trevor Gooch Vote!
10 CE Victor Rollin Carlsson Victor Rollin Carlsson Vote!

Belfast Giants

# Pos. Name
9 FW Ben Lake Ben Lake Vote!
28 FW Bobby Chamberlain Bobby Chamberlain Vote!
17 FW Chad Butcher Chad Butcher Vote!
89 FW Ciaran Long Ciaran Long Vote!
29 FW Colby McAuley Colby McAuley Vote!
88 FW Darik Angeli Darik Angeli Vote!
67 RW David Gilbert David Gilbert Vote!
64 CE David Goodwin David Goodwin Vote!
42 DE Gabe Bast Gabe Bast Vote!
6 DE Jeff Baum Jeff Baum Vote!
21 DE Kell Beattie Kell Beattie Vote!
22 DE Kevin Raine Kevin Raine Vote!
86 LW Mack Stewart Mack Stewart Vote!
26 RW Mark Cooper Mark Cooper Vote!
7 FW Mark Garside Mark Garside Vote!
24 DE Matt Foley Matt Foley Vote!
2 DE Sam Ruopp Sam Ruopp Vote!
10 CE Scott Conway Scott Conway Vote!
14 FW Sean Norris Sean Norris Vote!
13 FW Steven Owre Steven Owre Vote!
71 CE Tyler Soy Tyler Soy Vote!
55 DE Will Cullen Will Cullen Vote!

Comarch Cracovia

# Pos. Name
90 LD Aleš Ježek Aleš Ježek Vote!
32 LW Antoni  Dziurdzia Antoni Dziurdzia Vote!
24 DE Ben Blood Ben Blood Vote!
8 RD Damian Kapa Damian Kapa Vote!
95 FW Damian Kapica Damian Kapica Vote!
27 LD Daniel Krejčí Daniel Krejčí Vote!
79 LD Dawid Tynka Dawid Tynka Vote!
14 LW Erik Němec Erik Němec Vote!
33 LD Jakub Šaur Jakub Šaur Vote!
89 DE Jiří Gula Jiří Gula Vote!
21 CE Marek Račuk Marek Račuk Vote!
82 LW Martin Kasperlík Martin Kasperlík Vote!
92 RW Mateusz Michalski Mateusz Michalski Vote!
67 FW Matias Sointu Matias Sointu Vote!
12 RD Michał Jaracz Michał Jaracz Vote!
44 RD Patrik Husák Patrik Husák Vote!
15 FW Patryk Wronka Patryk Wronka Vote!
13 RW Radoslaw  Sawicki Radoslaw Sawicki Vote!
10 CE Robert Arrak Robert Arrak Vote!
88 CE Roman Rác Roman Rác Vote!
16 FW Saku Kinnunen Saku Kinnunen Vote!
71 RW Sebastian  Brynkus Sebastian Brynkus Vote!
94 FW Štěpán Csamango Štěpán Csamango Vote!
26 CE Vojtěch Polák Vojtěch Polák Vote!

Eisbären Berlin

# Pos. Name
70 FW Bennet Roßmy Bennet Roßmy Vote!
16 DE Brendan Guhle Brendan Guhle Vote!
12 DE Eric  Mik Eric Mik Vote!
17 FW Eric Hördler Eric Hördler Vote!
7 DE Frank Hördler Frank Hördler Vote!
28 FW Frank Mauer Frank Mauer Vote!
21 LW Giovanni Fiore Giovanni Fiore Vote!
9 RW Jan Nijenhuis Jan Nijenhuis Vote!
18 RD Jonas Müller Jonas Müller Vote!
71 LD Julian Melchiori Julian Melchiori Vote!
32 FW Kevin Clark Kevin Clark Vote!
34 LW Kevin Handschuh Kevin Handschuh Vote!
40 DE Korbinian Geibel Korbinian Geibel Vote!
93 RW Leonhard Pföderl Leonhard Pföderl Vote!
15 RW Manuel Wiederer Manuel Wiederer Vote!
77 CE Marcel Barinka Marcel Barinka Vote!
92 FW Marcel Noebels Marcel Noebels Vote!
44 RW Marco Baßler Marco Baßler Vote!
8 RD Marco Nowak Marco Nowak Vote!
97 LW Matthew White Matthew White Vote!
86 LW Maximilian Heim Maximilian Heim Vote!
4 DE Morgan Ellis Morgan Ellis Vote!
13 CE Peter Regin Peter Regin Vote!
89 LW Zach Boychuk Zach Boychuk Vote!

EV Zug

# Pos. Name
93 DE Arno Nussbaumer Arno Nussbaumer Vote!
9 CE Brian O'Neill Brian O'Neill Vote!
48 FW Carl Klingberg Carl Klingberg Vote!
5 DE Christian  Djoos Christian Djoos Vote!
29 FW Daniel  Neumann Daniel Neumann Vote!
28 FW Dario Allenspach Dario Allenspach Vote!
59 FW Dario Simion Dario Simion Vote!
13 RD Dario Wüthrich Dario Wüthrich Vote!
18 DE Dominik Schlumpf Dominik Schlumpf Vote!
68 FW Fabrice Herzog Fabrice Herzog Vote!
15 FW Gregory Hofmann Gregory Hofmann Vote!
43 CE Jan Kovář Jan Kovář Vote!
89 LW Justin  Abdelkader Justin Abdelkader Vote!
46 FW Lino Martschini Lino Martschini Vote!
14 DE Livio Stadler Livio Stadler Vote!
22 FW Luca  De Nisco Luca De Nisco Vote!
66 DE Nico Gross Nico Gross Vote!
19 DE Niklas Hansson Niklas Hansson Vote!
34 FW Peter Cehlárik Peter Cehlárik Vote!
23 DE Rémi Vogel Rémi Vogel Vote!
26 FW Reto Suri Reto Suri Vote!
44 DE Samuel Kreis Samuel Kreis Vote!
61 LW Sven Leuenberger Sven Leuenberger Vote!
88 FW Sven Senteler Sven Senteler Vote!
92 RW Tim Muggli Tim Muggli Vote!
42 DE Tobias Geisser Tobias Geisser Vote!
12 LW Yannick Zehnder Yannick Zehnder Vote!

Färjestad Karlstad

# Pos. Name
8 LD Anton Berglund Anton Berglund Vote!
52 RD August Tornberg August Tornberg Vote!
7 LD Axel Bergqvist Axel Bergqvist Vote!
31 FW Carl Jakobsson Carl Jakobsson Vote!
13 FW Daniel Viksten Daniel Viksten Vote!
38 LW Elliot Ståhlberg Elliot Ståhlberg Vote!
41 RW Henrik Björklund Henrik Björklund Vote!
11 FW Joakim Nygård Joakim Nygård Vote!
26 RD Joel Nyström Joel Nyström Vote!
36 CE Jonathan Andersen Jonathan Andersen Vote!
59 FW Linus Johansson Linus Johansson Vote!
29 RW Lucas Forsell Lucas Forsell Vote!
10 FW Marcus Nilsson Marcus Nilsson Vote!
20 CE Marcus Westfält Marcus Westfält Vote!
16 CE Martin Johnsen Martin Johnsen Vote!
28 LD Mattias Göransson Mattias Göransson Vote!
55 LD Max Lindroth Max Lindroth Vote!
34 FW Michael Lindqvist Michael Lindqvist Vote!
4 FW Oscar Lawner Oscar Lawner Vote!
79 FW Patrik Lundh Patrik Lundh Vote!
22 FW Per Åslund Per Åslund Vote!
18 CE Remi Elie Remi Elie Vote!
81 DE Theodor Lennström Theodor Lennström Vote!
14 FW Victor Ejdsell Victor Ejdsell Vote!
23 RD Ville Pokka Ville Pokka Vote!

Fehérvár AV19

# Pos. Name
93 FW Akos Mihaly Akos Mihaly Vote!
91 RW Alexander Petan Alexander Petan Vote!
44 DE Andrew O'Brien Andrew O'Brien Vote!
55 FW Andrew Sarauer Andrew Sarauer Vote!
92 FW Anže Kuralt Anže Kuralt Vote!
42 DE Attila Reiter Attila Reiter Vote!
82 FW Balint Magosi Balint Magosi Vote!
7 DE Ben Betker Ben Betker Vote!
5 DE Bence Stipsicz Bence Stipsicz Vote!
61 FW Brett Findlay Brett Findlay Vote!
36 FW Csanad Erdely Csanad Erdely Vote!
47 FW Csongor Ambrus Csongor Ambrus Vote!
28 DE Daniel Szabo Daniel Szabo Vote!
41 DE Dominik Dobmayer Dominik Dobmayer Vote!
87 FW Gergo Ambrus Gergo Ambrus Vote!
20 DE Gleason Fournier Gleason Fournier Vote!
31 DE Henrik Nilsson Henrik Nilsson Vote!
10 FW Istvan Bartalis Istvan Bartalis Vote!
34 FW Istvan Terbocs Istvan Terbocs Vote!
16 FW Janos Hari Janos Hari Vote!
13 FW Kristof Nemeth Kristof Nemeth Vote!
56 FW Kristof Retfalvi Kristof Retfalvi Vote!
22 DE Milan Horvath Milan Horvath Vote!
23 FW Natan Vertes Natan Vertes Vote!
86 FW Patrick Newell Patrick Newell Vote!
51 RD Timothy Campbell Timothy Campbell Vote!


# Pos. Name
89 FW Andrei Bykov Andrei Bykov Vote!
45 LD Benjamin Brasey Benjamin Brasey Vote!
3 DE Benjamin Chavaillaz Benjamin Chavaillaz Vote!
7 DE Benoit Jecker Benoit Jecker Vote!
28 RW Christoph Bertschy Christoph Bertschy Vote!
22 DE Dave Sutter Dave Sutter Vote!
51 FW David Desharnais David Desharnais Vote!
74 RW Dominik Binias Dominik Binias Vote!
72 FW Gaétan Jobin Gaétan Jobin Vote!
95 CE Jacob De la Rose Jacob De la Rose Vote!
17 LW Janne Kuokkanen Janne Kuokkanen Vote!
86 FW Julien Sprunger Julien Sprunger Vote!
55 DE Juuso Vainio Juuso Vainio Vote!
71 FW Killian Mottet Killian Mottet Vote!
42 RW Leni Michellod Leni Michellod Vote!
43 RW Luca Gauch Luca Gauch Vote!
9 FW Marcus Sörensen Marcus Sörensen Vote!
46 FW Matthias Rossi Matthias Rossi Vote!
11 DE Mauro Dufner Mauro Dufner Vote!
21 FW Mauro Jörg Mauro Jörg Vote!
97 FW Nathan Marchon Nathan Marchon Vote!
16 DE Raphael Diaz Raphael Diaz Vote!
18 DE Ryan Gunderson Ryan Gunderson Vote!
23 FW Samuel Walser Samuel Walser Vote!
73 FW Sandro Schmid Sandro Schmid Vote!
41 LD Simon  Seiler Simon Seiler Vote!
49 CE Victor Rask Victor Rask Vote!

Frölunda Gothenburg

# Pos. Name
15 LD Anders Grönlund Anders Grönlund Vote!
74 DE Andreas Borgman Andreas Borgman Vote!
28 RW Anthony Greco Anthony Greco Vote!
2 RD Christian Folin Christian Folin Vote!
6 LD Filip Hasa Filip Hasa Vote!
5 DE Filip Johansson Filip Johansson Vote!
17 LW Isac Born Isac Born Vote!
67 LW Jacob Nilsson Jacob Nilsson Vote!
9 FW Jan Mursak Jan Mursak Vote!
27 FW Jere Innala Jere Innala Vote!
20 FW Joel Lundqvist Joel Lundqvist Vote!
11 FW Joel Ratkovic Berntsson Joel Ratkovic Berntsson Vote!
46 FW Liam Dower Nilsson Liam Dower Nilsson Vote!
22 FW Linus Nässén Linus Nässén Vote!
21 FW Loui Eriksson Loui Eriksson Vote!
18 DE Lucas Nordsäter Lucas Nordsäter Vote!
51 FW Mats Rosseli-Olsen Mats Rosseli-Olsen Vote!
12 RW Max Friberg Max Friberg Vote!
31 FW Nicklas Lasu Nicklas Lasu Vote!
72 FW Patrik Carlsson Patrik Carlsson Vote!
40 RD Petteri Lindbohm Petteri Lindbohm Vote!
25 LD Pontus Johansson Pontus Johansson Vote!
81 FW Ryan Lasch Ryan Lasch Vote!
3 DE Stefan Milosevic Stefan Milosevic Vote!
43 RD Tom Nilsson Tom Nilsson Vote!

GKS Katowice

# Pos. Name
10 FW Bartosz Fraszko Bartosz Fraszko Vote!
19 FW Brandon Magee Brandon Magee Vote!
9 FW Christian Blomqvist Christian Blomqvist Vote!
23 DE David Lebek David Lebek Vote!
34 DE Dawid Musioł Dawid Musioł Vote!
18 FW Grzegorz  Pasiut Grzegorz Pasiut Vote!
95 FW Hampus Olsson Hampus Olsson Vote!
48 FW Igor Smal Igor Smal Vote!
13 FW Jakub Prokurat Jakub Prokurat Vote!
5 DE Jakub Wanacki Jakub Wanacki Vote!
81 FW Joona  Monto Joona Monto Vote!
15 DE Kacper Macias Kacper Macias Vote!
12 DE Maciej Kruczek Maciej Kruczek Vote!
20 DE Marcin Kolusz Marcin Kolusz Vote!
24 FW Mateusz Bepierszcz Mateusz Bepierszcz Vote!
97 DE Mateusz Rompkowski Mateusz Rompkowski Vote!
7 FW Matias Lehtonen Matias Lehtonen Vote!
2 DE Niko Mikkola Niko Mikkola Vote!
88 FW Patryk Krężołek Patryk Krężołek Vote!
8 DE Patryk Wajda Patryk Wajda Vote!
69 FW Piotr Ciepielewski Piotr Ciepielewski Vote!
91 FW Shigeki Hitosato Shigeki Hitosato Vote!
11 FW Teemu Pulkkinen Teemu Pulkkinen Vote!


# Pos. Name
18 CE Adel Koudri Adel Koudri Vote!
19 RD Alexandre Pascal Alexandre Pascal Vote!
27 LD Antoine Fertin Antoine Fertin Vote!
3 RW Aurelien Dair Aurelien Dair Vote!
11 FW Brent Aubin Brent Aubin Vote!
22 CE Chad Nehring Chad Nehring Vote!
10 RW Damien Fleury Damien Fleury Vote!
38 LW Dov Reboh Dov Reboh Vote!
78 LW Dylan Fabre Dylan Fabre Vote!
23 LW Flavian Dair Flavian Dair Vote!
44 LD Janne Jalasvaara Janne Jalasvaara Vote!
50 DE Jere Rouhiainen Jere Rouhiainen Vote!
64 CE Joel Champagne Joel Champagne Vote!
12 RW Julien Munoz Julien Munoz Vote!
4 DE Kyle Hardy Kyle Hardy Vote!
5 RD Lucien Onno Lucien Onno Vote!
63 FW Markus Poukkula Markus Poukkula Vote!
76 LD Mathis Despatie Mathis Despatie Vote!
13 CE Matias Bachelet Matias Bachelet Vote!
58 RD Maxim Lamarche Maxim Lamarche Vote!
17 CE Nicolas Deschamps Nicolas Deschamps Vote!
91 LW Paul Siraudin Paul Siraudin Vote!
72 DE Pierre Crinon Pierre Crinon Vote!
21 DE Robert Raymond Robert Raymond Vote!
77 LW Sacha Treille Sacha Treille Vote!
86 FW Timothe Quattrone Timothe Quattrone Vote!